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Our experience in manufacturing of Surgical, Dental and Beauty Instruments has been built-up since 2000, systematically, uncompromisingly and precisely.
A second outcome is quality with the greater pace of technological advancement, and our deeper commitment to it. Quality is our watchword. We pursue it relentlessly from development through production to service and customer support. Precision is a very important factor in our process. We view precision not only in terms of manufacturing, but also in whole surgical procedure as an integrated system.

Our vision has always been very clear. It is to offer the best products, at the best prices, to satisfy our customers’ needs. In order to continue to achieve our vision, we will continue to pursue upgrades in the latest technologies, craftsmanship, production and research and development.
As our skilful technicians put their best efforts into the latest production processes of each and every product, KOINAI ENTERPRISES shall produce products with the utmost precision and care. This attention to detail is something seldom seen in today’s automated mass production processes. We will continue to perform our best to become the worlds’ premier beauty, dental & Surgical instruments company.

Our Commitments

  • Rise to the challenge of particular demanding standards
  • Development and manufacturing from samples or drawings
  • Selection of appropriate materials
  • Mechanical & Chemical properties are carefully maintained through Boil test, Copper test to characterize the material to indicate corrosion
  • Passivation and other Chemical treatment are carried out to prevent from discoloration or rust.
  • Technical drawings with measurements for all instruments.